A Riddle

So Wednesday night I was sitting in computer lab staring at my book just getting used to the monotony which is translating binary. As I continue working I stumble upon a riddle in my book. I am the type of person who enjoys puzzles and riddles. I love to use the basic information given to solve a puzzle. I thought back to when I was little and I had a book called Stories To Solve. I can remember reading through it and solving each puzzle, but once you knew the answer you loose the excitement. But knowing the answer doesn’t take away from the fun of knowing riddles. So today I’d like to share a new riddle with you.

So here it goes. There are four miners in a mine shaft and one miner’s lamp. The tunnel is only big enough for two miners to walk through at a time, however the miners can walk the tunnel alone. But if they go through the tunnel they must have the miner’s lamp. They are trying to get out of the mine in 15 minutes. The first miner takes 1 minute, the second 2, the third 4, and the fourth 8. When the miners are walking together they walk at the speed of the slower walker. How did they walk through the tunnel so they all could make it out in 15 minutes ?

I hope you have fun and there is a real ( non silly) answer.  If you are stumped I’ll put the answer in the comments area.



As I sit here deep in the middle of Christmas break I keep telling myself that if I don’t do something worthwhile  I will end up in the spring sitting in class or with my nose in a book, telling myself that I had a month to do whatever I wanted and I didn’t do anything. I can laugh at this because I know I’ve been reading and doing stuff here and there, but it struck me that often this is the way I can live my life. Just moving along from step to step and not thinking about what the end will be. I don’t think any one wants to get to the end of their life and not have done anything. But I think as we live we can get so caught up in living from one big thing to the next that we forget the time in between.

For example, often in middle school I looked forward to high school. In high school I could not wait to graduate. Now having done all that it seems that the next thing to look forward to is finishing college. Now I do indeed look forward to finishing, but I feel that I should not over look the time I have here. We can often go through life jumping from one thing to the next. But this time is often counted as a whole, in such a way that we think in chunks of time. Sometimes in weeks, months or years we plan our lives around things that are “just supposed to happen.” I see some times that I want to just rush though life to get to the fun parts, but I think that’s just it. The fact that you are able to look forward to the future, the fact that you are able to work towards something is the fun of life.

This brings up a whole new world of ideas. One were we have to discus what we are put on this earth for, but that is a different post for a different day. For now we must remember that we do not have all the time in the world. I’m sure I’ve said that before, but its so important to remember that we are living on borrowed time. To live our lives going from one thing to the next will not get us anywhere.

I remember going to the museum when I was little. Often I would rush from one exhibit or display to the other. As soon as I got to one, I would be off to the other. My Mum would often remind me that if I didn’t slow down, I would miss a lot. I’m glad I learned this when I was little. This idea has stuck with me though life and has rung in my ears when I feel that I am moving too quickly from one thing to the other. I hope that now you will hear this is your ears too.


Last night I was up with my brother and my cousin watching a lightening storm that was not too far away. My brother and I tried unsuccessfully to predict when the storm would hit us. It was beautiful to see the night light up with the branching white flash. The light would illuminate the clouds, showing how big they were.

This week has been hectic and it was nice to be able to sit outside and just look at the sky surrounded by my family ( and our dog too). One thing I’ve learned from being busy, is that you cannot be ruled by busyness. It is an easy master. When some one is ruled by television or video games it is easy to see that they are being ruled by that. But when we are busy, some times we cannot see that we have been taken captive by the “stuff” of this life. I say busyness is an easy master because it creeps into our lives and we don’t notice it until it’s too late. But often we like being busy. It gives us an excuse when we don’t get something done. It gives us a reason to not stay connected with family and friends. We must be careful to not let busyness run our lives.

Time is precious, don’t let those simple moments slip away. Moments like those last night are the ones that impact me the most. They help me to push all the outside stuff away and refocus on what really matters.  And as summer  draws to a close, and we now enter Autumn, remember what really matters. When Thanksgiving and Christmas come, don’t let your life be run by busyness. Take the time to make meaningful moments out of everyday moments.