Spring Break… ouch…

I don’t know if its just me but spring break feels like more of a curse than a blessing. ( I know I will regret those words when I finish school) It just feels as if I can’t just forget about school so I spend all my time thinking I have to go back. But at least I have time to read. Tuesday I read a book called “the dip” by Seth Godin. I had read his other book “Tribes” a few months ago. This book was a perfect read for this point in the semester. The whole book is centered on the idea of ” the dip”. It is that time when you aren’t really great at something but you can’t get away with being a beginner. This book gave me some encouragement and some insight to conquer “the dip”. If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut or just need some encouragement during a hard time, I encourage you to pick up this book!



Hello, I have not been able to blog recently and this is due to the fact that school has been in full swing. As this semester comes to a close I have started to think about what the rest of the year holds. I am blown away when I think its been almost a year since I’ve graduated from high school. It has been quite an amazing year. Also it has been almost a year since I have started blogging. This too has been an amazing experience.

As I see time flowing faster and faster I have taken the time to look back. I have begun to look at the person I am at the core. In the fast paced world we live in it is easy to lose who you are. I am not, nor have I ever been a “cookie cutter person”. I do not fit the norms, I don’t go along with the trends, I don’t follow the crowds. This has lead me to a book by Seth Godin called Tribes.

This book is about leadership. Now you may be wondering why does leadership have anything to do with life ? Well other than the President and maybe those who work above us do we rarely see leadership at work in our daily lives. But just because we cannot see it does not mean that it is absent. As Mr. Godin explains in the book, our world is broken down in to groups of people he calls ( or have been called) tribes. Tribes are made up of people who have a common passion on goal. These tribes have existed for many years but it is only now with things like facebook and twitter that remote tribes can now join together.

This was an excellent read that has shown me many things about the way I see the world around me. I have some new ideas about how to run my blog too !  I have also learned why it is so important to be a good leader. Thank you so much for reading.