That was nice

So from the time I posted last a few things have happened. For one, school ended quite uneventfully. That is always how I prefer to end school, just quietly letting it slip away into what will become “last semester”. 

I began working part time as a photographer. This was really what I was hoping I could do something like this towards the end of the semester. I always need something that can help clear my mind, to let me think, and be creative. This job allowed for just that. I think my favorite part of the job is meeting new people. It seems when you have a camera people smile at you because they know you are watching them. Most people are ( or at least try to act) more open to talking. Meeting new people and talking to them has been great and its been very enjoyable. With the summer the work slows down ( a lot) but it is still a lot of fun.

Also I was able to go on a mission trip to help an organization known as World Relief. This organization works with people from other counties who have recently arrived in the United States. This was a very eye opening experience. Many people were just so happy to be here regardless of their situation here. It really made me think about my attitude. How do I respond when things don’t go my way ? Are things really as bad as they could be ? As I talked and built relationships with people there, it was very easy to see that I ( we ) have it very easy here in this country.

And so with that trip ending I arrive home again. That was a nice way to begin the summer.  I now have placed myself in the company of many great books and given my time to writing and the pursuit of becoming a better writer.  So with that I wish you a happy summer !