Hello, I have not been able to blog recently and this is due to the fact that school has been in full swing. As this semester comes to a close I have started to think about what the rest of the year holds. I am blown away when I think its been almost a year since I’ve graduated from high school. It has been quite an amazing year. Also it has been almost a year since I have started blogging. This too has been an amazing experience.

As I see time flowing faster and faster I have taken the time to look back. I have begun to look at the person I am at the core. In the fast paced world we live in it is easy to lose who you are. I am not, nor have I ever been a “cookie cutter person”. I do not fit the norms, I don’t go along with the trends, I don’t follow the crowds. This has lead me to a book by Seth Godin called Tribes.

This book is about leadership. Now you may be wondering why does leadership have anything to do with life ? Well other than the President and maybe those who work above us do we rarely see leadership at work in our daily lives. But just because we cannot see it does not mean that it is absent. As Mr. Godin explains in the book, our world is broken down in to groups of people he calls ( or have been called) tribes. Tribes are made up of people who have a common passion on goal. These tribes have existed for many years but it is only now with things like facebook and twitter that remote tribes can now join together.

This was an excellent read that has shown me many things about the way I see the world around me. I have some new ideas about how to run my blog too !  I have also learned why it is so important to be a good leader. Thank you so much for reading.


Gabrielle Dillard

It has always been fun to see where my friends excel. One of my friends is Gabrielle Dillard. She has some amazing talent with art. I remember when we were little she used to draw this rabbit ( Mr.Fun bun) wherever she could (I think I might have one in one of my notebooks).She has always been interested in art, “I have always expressed myself through drawing. Ever since I could hold a pencil or a crayon really. But it wasn’t until I was twelve or thirteen years old that I knew that I was interested in art and wanted to have a career in it.”  It has been a treat to be able to see art like this and know who made it.

 I find my inspiration from many sources. Fantasy, nature, literature, music, movies.”

Some of her inspirations have been K.Y. Craft, Susan Seddon Boulet and her aunt,  Virginia Marsh Roeder,  who is an illustration too. But there is a quality to her at that makes it distinctly hers.  Her imagination comes alive with her paintings. They share a light, almost dream like quality, that I have not seen anywhere else. Some of the animals and people in the paintings appear friendly, almost like faces I’ve seen before. Others are a little mischievousness and mysterious. Others capture an emotion or a feeling. The intricate details in the work are a marvel to some one like myself who has only tried to paint a few times in my life.  Her work is not short of color. But the color has a purpose, it helps to build on certain elements of the art. They are a joy to look at and I hope you will enjoy this art as much as I have.

Please take some time to visit these links and see this amazing art for yourself.

Swimming with Dolphins

Now I know when you read that title you may think that this is about swimming with dolphins. I am sorry to say that it is not. This is about the artist Swimming with Dolphins. I had seen the album a wile back at a book store and listened to a demo of the cd. It was good, and it stuck with me. I recently remembered how much I liked it and decided to buy it. I figured it was the appropriate way to end spring break. This music is different than other music I’ve heard. I would not call it techno, or electric, its more just music set to electric sounding instruments. It sounds very robotic when I describe it, but I believe that the beauty in this music is that they can take simple “robot sounds” and give them emotion. Songs like Easy and Happiness are two songs that are very heartfelt. The vocals in the music are excellent. The duet on the first song Holiday are so perfectly put together I could listen to that song for the voices alone.

This album is one of those that you cannot listen to song by song. To enjoy the music fully you must listen to the entire album. From the first tracks that have a dreamy quality, to the center tracks that wake up to the world, and to the final tracks that look forward with optimistic hope. A line form the final track that stood out to me was, “So tell me were you wanna go, what you wanna see. I’m with you and that’s where I wanna be”. This sums up the album as a whole. It feels as if these songs are written wile they danced in the artist’s head.The music helps to capture the feeling and emotion behind these thoughts. I enjoyed this album because this music can give a much better description of what I am thinking or feeling. I believe that is why this music stuck with me. It is rare that you are able to find music that the lyrics speak to similar situations with music that resembles similar emotions. I greatly enjoyed listening to this album. You should defiantly pick up a copy when you have a chance.


As I cleaned my room I fixed the door too.


When I was cleaning, I was also cleaning out my room. It amazed me how many things I found that at one point or another had been very valuable to me. For example I stumbled across some lord of the rings trading cards. I can remember a time when they ment a lot to me. They still are special, but now I treasure them for the memories.  As I sifted through old books and journals I could not help but wonder if this happens with things in my life. Do I value people and ideas at first only to forget them ? I can think of many times when I have done this. I feel bad for the times I’ve let incredible people slip through my fingers. Does this always happen ? No, I have things in my room for years that I value as much as the day I got them. Same with people. I tend to think that when I’ve let go of people is because I only needed them for a season. That they came along when I needed them and when they needed me. But when life changes so do the people. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Has this ever happened to you ?