It has been while…

So I do this from time to time. I just forget that I like to write. Perhaps its school. Perhaps I am just lazy. I think I blame a lot of stuff on school. I am just a lazy person some times. But I do think there is another reason why I do not write that often. I encounter this even when writing music, taking pictures, or painting.


I do not want to write meaningless words on a page.


You see, I am a person who believes that words are powerful. Music can move the heart. Art can inspire. Writing can encourage. There is power in what we say and write. Why should I just write anything for the sake of writing. Sure if you want to get better at writing you have to practice. But I’ve always wondered what will become of what I write. Will this reach anyone ? Are the thoughts here a message in a bottle in the vast ocean of the internet. When I write, I do not write for money, nor power, nor position. What you see here is the simple expression of one person. I’m not out to impress or prove anything to anyone. I think that is lost today. So many people pick up hobbies for a look or a persona they give. To say you are a writer has a certain aura to it. It gives you attention. But when done out of a certain ambition and not out of passion people can see through it.

When I write I would rather be passionate and say little then try to say a lot about something I do not care about.

This feels like a rant of scattered ideas, and it is. I just finished finals today and I’m enjoying a quiet evening with nothing to do but think. When its just you and your thoughts, you start to see where you are and where you want to be. But what can you do in one evening, really what can you do ? Read. Write. Think. Plan. Yes Plan. The last post on here, I believe was a podcast with my brother. It was fun making them. Hard work. But with two episodes out and nothing on the horizon it makes me wonder why I tried it. Well I suppose for the experience. Just to try something new. To shake up the everyday. You have to do that from time to time.


I feel the winds of change. Not sure where they lead ( yes I know this is out of nowhere but it is what I thought of for some reason)

But in the same line, winter weather has moved in. I have not said winter because we do not have winter here, but it has got to the point where you can wear a jacket if you want, maybe not even a jacket. But none the less it is a good way to start the winter break. The weather has put me in a Christmas mood. I think that’s why I’ve been thinking all day. Christmas makes you think back,  I mean that’s why we have Christmas. To remember. Just the stillness of writing with nothing hanging over your head is a wonderful feeling.

If you have made it this far, well you must be procrastinating or you just want to see what else there is. If you are procrastinating head over to youtube, great place for that. And if you, have found yourself, on a desert island perhaps, and you have found this bottle. Hopefully it has given you hope, that there are other people out there in the world. 


Till next time. 


4 thoughts on “It has been while…

  1. I think that most bloggers often have moments when they lose a bit of momentum. We want our words to mean something, to have depth because we want to stand out in a sea of blogs. Folks such as myself receive email notifications for when new posts of blogs we follow become available to avoid the tiresome and often disappointing task of sifting through a host of bookmarks.

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