E.B White & Half Price Books

I went to Half Price Books the other day. I was selling some books. Wile I was waiting I got a chance to sit down with a book. It was a collection of essays by E.B. White. He was the author of Charlotte’s Web  and  Stuart little. Having read a few of his essays, I have begun to develop a brand new respect for this this author, as a writer. The simple timelessness of his stories are what seem to capture me. Often I am left laughing at the brilliance in the writing. In fact, after reading one particularly clever line  I said out loud “how do you do that ?”

  In “Goodbye to 48th Street” he writes about how he is cleaning his house as he prepares to move. Had this been me I would have not seen anything particularly interesting to write about. The brilliance of his writing is the simplicity. He writes about how we and tend to collect things in our homes. The longer we live in a house the more “stuff” we accumulate. As I read this, it hit me. I started thinking of all the “stuff” I have gathered up over the years. Books, movies, toys, and some stuff that in all honestly is trash. How does this happen ?

As people we seem to always take, that is our nature. we have to be taught to share taking comes naturally.  As I reflect, I see that emotionally we are the same way. We always want as much as we can, we want the “thank you” or the “I love you” but do we ever give them ? Are we willing to give of ourselves emotionally to others ? It appears as though we simply take in everything but giving back to others around us is an afterthought.

I finished reading, closed the book, and I was silent. As they called my name to the book counter, I put the book back on the shelf and left.


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