Gabrielle Dillard

It has always been fun to see where my friends excel. One of my friends is Gabrielle Dillard. She has some amazing talent with art. I remember when we were little she used to draw this rabbit ( Mr.Fun bun) wherever she could (I think I might have one in one of my notebooks).She has always been interested in art, “I have always expressed myself through drawing. Ever since I could hold a pencil or a crayon really. But it wasn’t until I was twelve or thirteen years old that I knew that I was interested in art and wanted to have a career in it.”  It has been a treat to be able to see art like this and know who made it.

 I find my inspiration from many sources. Fantasy, nature, literature, music, movies.”

Some of her inspirations have been K.Y. Craft, Susan Seddon Boulet and her aunt,  Virginia Marsh Roeder,  who is an illustration too. But there is a quality to her at that makes it distinctly hers.  Her imagination comes alive with her paintings. They share a light, almost dream like quality, that I have not seen anywhere else. Some of the animals and people in the paintings appear friendly, almost like faces I’ve seen before. Others are a little mischievousness and mysterious. Others capture an emotion or a feeling. The intricate details in the work are a marvel to some one like myself who has only tried to paint a few times in my life.  Her work is not short of color. But the color has a purpose, it helps to build on certain elements of the art. They are a joy to look at and I hope you will enjoy this art as much as I have.

Please take some time to visit these links and see this amazing art for yourself.


6 thoughts on “Gabrielle Dillard

  1. Yes that giraffe is lovely … not just the daintiness of the watercolour but the strength of the lines … off to visit her site and I will come back to your blog later.

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