Swimming with Dolphins

Now I know when you read that title you may think that this is about swimming with dolphins. I am sorry to say that it is not. This is about the artist Swimming with Dolphins. I had seen the album a wile back at a book store and listened to a demo of the cd. It was good, and it stuck with me. I recently remembered how much I liked it and decided to buy it. I figured it was the appropriate way to end spring break. This music is different than other music I’ve heard. I would not call it techno, or electric, its more just music set to electric sounding instruments. It sounds very robotic when I describe it, but I believe that the beauty in this music is that they can take simple “robot sounds” and give them emotion. Songs like Easy and Happiness are two songs that are very heartfelt. The vocals in the music are excellent. The duet on the first song Holiday are so perfectly put together I could listen to that song for the voices alone.

This album is one of those that you cannot listen to song by song. To enjoy the music fully you must listen to the entire album. From the first tracks that have a dreamy quality, to the center tracks that wake up to the world, and to the final tracks that look forward with optimistic hope. A line form the final track that stood out to me was, “So tell me were you wanna go, what you wanna see. I’m with you and that’s where I wanna be”. This sums up the album as a whole. It feels as if these songs are written wile they danced in the artist’s head.The music helps to capture the feeling and emotion behind these thoughts. I enjoyed this album because this music can give a much better description of what I am thinking or feeling. I believe that is why this music stuck with me. It is rare that you are able to find music that the lyrics speak to similar situations with music that resembles similar emotions. I greatly enjoyed listening to this album. You should defiantly pick up a copy when you have a chance.


6 thoughts on “Swimming with Dolphins

  1. Swimming with dolphins? Check! Listen to music named Swimming with Dolphins? Yes, please! Swimming with dolphins while listening to Swimming with Dolphins, PRICELESS! 😉

      • I touched, played and fed a dolphin in the Bahamas in a place called “The Blue Lagoon”. They are such wonderful, intelligent caring and amazing creatures. You can see their care through their eyes up close, it’s pretty remarkable!

      • Josiah, you should if you ever get a chance! Do you have any aquariums nearby? Their skin feels like thick rubber and is not as smooth as you would think. However, they are strong and have their very own personality! Our dolphin would do his tricks and then suddenly dash off and do flips in the air to show up. After doing that, he’d decide to come back and continue doing his thing. He was awesome!

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