As I cleaned my room I fixed the door too.


When I was cleaning, I was also cleaning out my room. It amazed me how many things I found that at one point or another had been very valuable to me. For example I stumbled across some lord of the rings trading cards. I can remember a time when they ment a lot to me. They still are special, but now I treasure them for the memories.  As I sifted through old books and journals I could not help but wonder if this happens with things in my life. Do I value people and ideas at first only to forget them ? I can think of many times when I have done this. I feel bad for the times I’ve let incredible people slip through my fingers. Does this always happen ? No, I have things in my room for years that I value as much as the day I got them. Same with people. I tend to think that when I’ve let go of people is because I only needed them for a season. That they came along when I needed them and when they needed me. But when life changes so do the people. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Has this ever happened to you ?


3 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason, some might linger a while and then vanish, some stay around longer and some never will leave you but they all teach you something and/or leave you with memories. I had some great times with some incredible people and looking back the memories still make me smile, they are not a part of my life as much now, and sometimes I may wish they were…but people change, life happens and we all move on. Some things only last that long and it is okay.

    And your post reminds me I should probably do some cleaning too, I love cleaning…except that I get so occupied by all the cool things I find, unfortunately no LOTR trading cards. =/

    • But is is wrong to let relationships go ? I do mean like on good terms, but is it okay not to maintain all relationships ? I suppose it depends on the situation. I do agree that all people come into your life for a reason. And yes so many people have taught me a lot even if i only know them for a short time.

      yes, go clean. haha i think i still have them…

      • It is okay to let people go. Frankly, some people drain one out and just trying to keep the relationship going can be exhausting. You are human after all and if your gut says it is right, do it. Who cares what the world thinks?

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