Last night I was up with my brother and my cousin watching a lightening storm that was not too far away. My brother and I tried unsuccessfully to predict when the storm would hit us. It was beautiful to see the night light up with the branching white flash. The light would illuminate the clouds, showing how big they were.

This week has been hectic and it was nice to be able to sit outside and just look at the sky surrounded by my family ( and our dog too). One thing I’ve learned from being busy, is that you cannot be ruled by busyness. It is an easy master. When some one is ruled by television or video games it is easy to see that they are being ruled by that. But when we are busy, some times we cannot see that we have been taken captive by the “stuff” of this life. I say busyness is an easy master because it creeps into our lives and we don’t notice it until it’s too late. But often we like being busy. It gives us an excuse when we don’t get something done. It gives us a reason to not stay connected with family and friends. We must be careful to not let busyness run our lives.

Time is precious, don’t let those simple moments slip away. Moments like those last night are the ones that impact me the most. They help me to push all the outside stuff away and refocus on what really matters.  And as summer  draws to a close, and we now enter Autumn, remember what really matters. When Thanksgiving and Christmas come, don’t let your life be run by busyness. Take the time to make meaningful moments out of everyday moments.


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Finally saw what you look like oh-mysterious-man-you from Twitter! I just kept seeing your little fish on your WordPress page! 🙂 Nice to have a face now to your comments on my page. Yes, lightening storms are cool. Especially when you film them and then post them as a video in slow motion with some cool music to add to the effects.

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