The Circle Trilogy

As of this evening I have finished reading The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. I have come full circle so to speak. I started reading the first book several years ago and I simply could not put it down.You may be wondering why it took me so long to finish them. Well this is due to the fact that since I enjoyed these books so much I wanted to have the time to slowly read them and enjoy them. This meant putting the books down during a busy season of life. The action of the story captured you, the action is not what kept you interested. You soon find yourself caring less and less about how but and more and more about why. As a chapter ends you find your self trying to guess the outcome of the next few chapters. Each book covers a different aspect of the story.

The first book is called Black. It introduces the main characters and the general plot of the story. You also are given an idea of how the story ends in general ( as I write I am trying not to give away the story). In the second book, Red, the story gets a bit more complicated, you have several important characters enter the story. Finally in White the story concludes. I do not say ends because I do not think the story does end. I believe that the story goes on.

This story takes places in two places. What I mean is, when a character falls asleep in our world, he wakes up in a different world. Its a very interesting story to read because you see yourself very much like the characters in the real world and so you feel the same struggles they do when they don’t understand something or when they worry about some unseen danger. You think, if it were me in that dream world, would I have done the same ? This is what kept me interested in this story. The human element. The struggles that they face are the same we face every day.That is also the beauty of the story, you know that the characters in the story are dealing with the same issues in the dream world as here on earth. Themes such as,loyalty, trust, truth, faith, and love. If you read these books and remember nothing else, remember Love. No this is not a love story and at the same time yes it is. It is a story about the fight between good and evil in all of its forms.

At the end of this book, we see who wins, to the average reader the ending  may be different from what we are used to. But at the end of these books you know what to expect after coming full circle.


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