When we participate in activities we need to be willing to serve. I met with some friends about a week ago and the topic of service came up in conversation. We talked about becoming bored with things, in this case, church.

Most all of us had grown up in church, and we agreed that there came a point in our lives were we became bored with church. Not in the sense of our salvation, but in the sense of we knew what to expect, when we had altar calls, we knew the songs, we knew what was going to happen next. We didn’t doubt God was there, we just knew He would be there and it wasn’t a surprise to us. For some of us who have been in church this problem still arises, we think that all that stuff we do at church is for the unsaved people. Indeed we should minister to the lost, but church is for all who are children of God. We are creatures of habit. When we get bored we often seek out something new and different. Church is not meant to satisfy the flesh, church is to help feed our spirits with the word, and to allow our spirits to fellowship with God and His people.

When we do get bored with the way things are at church, it is important to serve. Church is not a place for entertainment, but it is a place for service. In order to keep ourselves from being trapped by our own desires we should first serve. Serving allows us to be accountable to the people around us and it gives us a reason to be involved that is beyond ourselves.

When we leave the church building. We have our lives that we live during the week. In this time between church we should also serve. Why ? For the same reasons. If we get so set in our lives and we do not think of others our lives will get to the point were we are living for ourselves. Working for what we want will cause us to work ourselves into the ground. Balance out your life with service. We must be able to see the people around us who are in need. We must be accountable to our sick neighbors. We should help those who cannot help themselves. Because that is the way to take our eyes off us and put them on others. Living for yourself will become boring, but a live of service will never allow you to be bored. When we participate in anything we should serve.


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