Yesterday and today I have seen quite a few faces. New faces mostly, but a few familiar faces too. Seeing many different faces has made me think, what makes a face unique ? Sure we can say that no two people are the same. True, no two people look the same, but in a room full of people how can we pick out just one face ? What sets one face apart from another ? What is that part that allows us to decide between a person a stranger or a friend with one look ? How can you recognize one family member in a crowd of people ? I don’t know, but I hope as you go about your day that you will pay attention to the faces around you. Don’t let the  people around you just pass you by and there faces fade into the background. Look at faces, find what makes them different. Because the faster we recognize a new face, the faster it becomes a familiar face.


One thought on “Faces

  1. Great post. I know when I see a new face who reminds me of a family member, friend or someone who inspired me, it makes me very happy. It’s like a song you remember during a certain period of your life that when you hear it again, good emotions come flooding back. Eyes and smile I notice right away (major kudos if it comes with dimples). I appreciate black and white photography of very old people from around the world. Their wrinkled faces have so much history and stories behind it. Those faces I remember very well.

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