Start at the end

Let’s start at the end of summer. I have taken this summer to catch up on some reading. For others it has been a time to look forward to new seasons in life. For some, summer has gone by without much thought except for the fact that it has been hot.

In science, heat has always been a sign of energy. This energy often will produce a change in the status quo. In my life, the summer time has always given rise to change. I have enjoyed having an early summer birthday that I believe has often made summer feel much more special. You may feel the same way, finishing a year of school, or going on a summer trip.

As summer comes to a close we can look forward (some sooner that others) to different weather. I hope that has life continues to move forward that you also look forward to the new seasons in life. The breeze of fall, the chill of winter, the life of spring. So maybe this is the end, or perhaps, the beginning.


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