My Own Personal Time Capsule

I recently was cleaning and found a collection of journals. These rage from late 7th grade up until now ( I think I keep at least 3 paper journals with me). I love the ability to capture a thought or an idea and not letting it slip away. Often I’ve found these ideas come to me at the most inopportune times. The most frequent being when I’m in the middle of a mundane task or right when I begin to fall asleep. Many of these ideas I would have forgotten had I not written them down.


As I thumbed through journals, notebooks, scraps of paper, I found that I’ve been making a log of my life for years. It is so interesting how quickly time passes. When I read what I wrote I feel I can almost go back there. But I know I can’t, but I captured it the best way I knew how.


If you don’t journal or keep a diary, I’d encourage you to. It does’t need to be flowery or filled with deep emotions. Much of what I write is “technical” the facts of what happened. You might also find out that you aren’t as comfortable or open with yourself as you may have thought. It really is an eye opening experience. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll push the lid off a dusty box and find you’ve uncovered your own personal time capsule.



That was nice

So from the time I posted last a few things have happened. For one, school ended quite uneventfully. That is always how I prefer to end school, just quietly letting it slip away into what will become “last semester”. 

I began working part time as a photographer. This was really what I was hoping I could do something like this towards the end of the semester. I always need something that can help clear my mind, to let me think, and be creative. This job allowed for just that. I think my favorite part of the job is meeting new people. It seems when you have a camera people smile at you because they know you are watching them. Most people are ( or at least try to act) more open to talking. Meeting new people and talking to them has been great and its been very enjoyable. With the summer the work slows down ( a lot) but it is still a lot of fun.

Also I was able to go on a mission trip to help an organization known as World Relief. This organization works with people from other counties who have recently arrived in the United States. This was a very eye opening experience. Many people were just so happy to be here regardless of their situation here. It really made me think about my attitude. How do I respond when things don’t go my way ? Are things really as bad as they could be ? As I talked and built relationships with people there, it was very easy to see that I ( we ) have it very easy here in this country.

And so with that trip ending I arrive home again. That was a nice way to begin the summer.  I now have placed myself in the company of many great books and given my time to writing and the pursuit of becoming a better writer.  So with that I wish you a happy summer !

Spring Break… ouch…

I don’t know if its just me but spring break feels like more of a curse than a blessing. ( I know I will regret those words when I finish school) It just feels as if I can’t just forget about school so I spend all my time thinking I have to go back. But at least I have time to read. Tuesday I read a book called “the dip” by Seth Godin. I had read his other book “Tribes” a few months ago. This book was a perfect read for this point in the semester. The whole book is centered on the idea of ” the dip”. It is that time when you aren’t really great at something but you can’t get away with being a beginner. This book gave me some encouragement and some insight to conquer “the dip”. If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut or just need some encouragement during a hard time, I encourage you to pick up this book!

It has been while…

So I do this from time to time. I just forget that I like to write. Perhaps its school. Perhaps I am just lazy. I think I blame a lot of stuff on school. I am just a lazy person some times. But I do think there is another reason why I do not write that often. I encounter this even when writing music, taking pictures, or painting.


I do not want to write meaningless words on a page.


You see, I am a person who believes that words are powerful. Music can move the heart. Art can inspire. Writing can encourage. There is power in what we say and write. Why should I just write anything for the sake of writing. Sure if you want to get better at writing you have to practice. But I’ve always wondered what will become of what I write. Will this reach anyone ? Are the thoughts here a message in a bottle in the vast ocean of the internet. When I write, I do not write for money, nor power, nor position. What you see here is the simple expression of one person. I’m not out to impress or prove anything to anyone. I think that is lost today. So many people pick up hobbies for a look or a persona they give. To say you are a writer has a certain aura to it. It gives you attention. But when done out of a certain ambition and not out of passion people can see through it.

When I write I would rather be passionate and say little then try to say a lot about something I do not care about.

This feels like a rant of scattered ideas, and it is. I just finished finals today and I’m enjoying a quiet evening with nothing to do but think. When its just you and your thoughts, you start to see where you are and where you want to be. But what can you do in one evening, really what can you do ? Read. Write. Think. Plan. Yes Plan. The last post on here, I believe was a podcast with my brother. It was fun making them. Hard work. But with two episodes out and nothing on the horizon it makes me wonder why I tried it. Well I suppose for the experience. Just to try something new. To shake up the everyday. You have to do that from time to time.


I feel the winds of change. Not sure where they lead ( yes I know this is out of nowhere but it is what I thought of for some reason)

But in the same line, winter weather has moved in. I have not said winter because we do not have winter here, but it has got to the point where you can wear a jacket if you want, maybe not even a jacket. But none the less it is a good way to start the winter break. The weather has put me in a Christmas mood. I think that’s why I’ve been thinking all day. Christmas makes you think back,  I mean that’s why we have Christmas. To remember. Just the stillness of writing with nothing hanging over your head is a wonderful feeling.

If you have made it this far, well you must be procrastinating or you just want to see what else there is. If you are procrastinating head over to youtube, great place for that. And if you, have found yourself, on a desert island perhaps, and you have found this bottle. Hopefully it has given you hope, that there are other people out there in the world. 


Till next time. 

A Riddle

So Wednesday night I was sitting in computer lab staring at my book just getting used to the monotony which is translating binary. As I continue working I stumble upon a riddle in my book. I am the type of person who enjoys puzzles and riddles. I love to use the basic information given to solve a puzzle. I thought back to when I was little and I had a book called Stories To Solve. I can remember reading through it and solving each puzzle, but once you knew the answer you loose the excitement. But knowing the answer doesn’t take away from the fun of knowing riddles. So today I’d like to share a new riddle with you.

So here it goes. There are four miners in a mine shaft and one miner’s lamp. The tunnel is only big enough for two miners to walk through at a time, however the miners can walk the tunnel alone. But if they go through the tunnel they must have the miner’s lamp. They are trying to get out of the mine in 15 minutes. The first miner takes 1 minute, the second 2, the third 4, and the fourth 8. When the miners are walking together they walk at the speed of the slower walker. How did they walk through the tunnel so they all could make it out in 15 minutes ?

I hope you have fun and there is a real ( non silly) answer.  If you are stumped I’ll put the answer in the comments area.

E.B White & Half Price Books

I went to Half Price Books the other day. I was selling some books. Wile I was waiting I got a chance to sit down with a book. It was a collection of essays by E.B. White. He was the author of Charlotte’s Web  and  Stuart little. Having read a few of his essays, I have begun to develop a brand new respect for this this author, as a writer. The simple timelessness of his stories are what seem to capture me. Often I am left laughing at the brilliance in the writing. In fact, after reading one particularly clever line  I said out loud “how do you do that ?”

  In “Goodbye to 48th Street” he writes about how he is cleaning his house as he prepares to move. Had this been me I would have not seen anything particularly interesting to write about. The brilliance of his writing is the simplicity. He writes about how we and tend to collect things in our homes. The longer we live in a house the more “stuff” we accumulate. As I read this, it hit me. I started thinking of all the “stuff” I have gathered up over the years. Books, movies, toys, and some stuff that in all honestly is trash. How does this happen ?

As people we seem to always take, that is our nature. we have to be taught to share taking comes naturally.  As I reflect, I see that emotionally we are the same way. We always want as much as we can, we want the “thank you” or the “I love you” but do we ever give them ? Are we willing to give of ourselves emotionally to others ? It appears as though we simply take in everything but giving back to others around us is an afterthought.

I finished reading, closed the book, and I was silent. As they called my name to the book counter, I put the book back on the shelf and left.


Hello, I have not been able to blog recently and this is due to the fact that school has been in full swing. As this semester comes to a close I have started to think about what the rest of the year holds. I am blown away when I think its been almost a year since I’ve graduated from high school. It has been quite an amazing year. Also it has been almost a year since I have started blogging. This too has been an amazing experience.

As I see time flowing faster and faster I have taken the time to look back. I have begun to look at the person I am at the core. In the fast paced world we live in it is easy to lose who you are. I am not, nor have I ever been a “cookie cutter person”. I do not fit the norms, I don’t go along with the trends, I don’t follow the crowds. This has lead me to a book by Seth Godin called Tribes.

This book is about leadership. Now you may be wondering why does leadership have anything to do with life ? Well other than the President and maybe those who work above us do we rarely see leadership at work in our daily lives. But just because we cannot see it does not mean that it is absent. As Mr. Godin explains in the book, our world is broken down in to groups of people he calls ( or have been called) tribes. Tribes are made up of people who have a common passion on goal. These tribes have existed for many years but it is only now with things like facebook and twitter that remote tribes can now join together.

This was an excellent read that has shown me many things about the way I see the world around me. I have some new ideas about how to run my blog too !  I have also learned why it is so important to be a good leader. Thank you so much for reading.

Gabrielle Dillard

It has always been fun to see where my friends excel. One of my friends is Gabrielle Dillard. She has some amazing talent with art. I remember when we were little she used to draw this rabbit ( Mr.Fun bun) wherever she could (I think I might have one in one of my notebooks).She has always been interested in art, “I have always expressed myself through drawing. Ever since I could hold a pencil or a crayon really. But it wasn’t until I was twelve or thirteen years old that I knew that I was interested in art and wanted to have a career in it.”  It has been a treat to be able to see art like this and know who made it.

 I find my inspiration from many sources. Fantasy, nature, literature, music, movies.”

Some of her inspirations have been K.Y. Craft, Susan Seddon Boulet and her aunt,  Virginia Marsh Roeder,  who is an illustration too. But there is a quality to her at that makes it distinctly hers.  Her imagination comes alive with her paintings. They share a light, almost dream like quality, that I have not seen anywhere else. Some of the animals and people in the paintings appear friendly, almost like faces I’ve seen before. Others are a little mischievousness and mysterious. Others capture an emotion or a feeling. The intricate details in the work are a marvel to some one like myself who has only tried to paint a few times in my life.  Her work is not short of color. But the color has a purpose, it helps to build on certain elements of the art. They are a joy to look at and I hope you will enjoy this art as much as I have.

Please take some time to visit these links and see this amazing art for yourself.